Our Story

We pride ourselves on being much more than just a proprietary trading desk. GAPAT is a community of traders dedicated to providing support, knowledge and opportunities to anyone with the desire and willingness to succeed, regardless of their level of experience or geographical location. We want to help you become a consistently profitable trader, whether you are new or an experienced trader. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for traders realize their dreams!

GAPAT’s story is an exciting mix of passion and determination! It all began when our mentor and Co-founder, Jody Wong, assembled a group of partners to bring his vision of creating a revolutionary Forex trading deskto life. Since that day, we have worked diligently to implement innovative ideas and non-traditional approaches to the world of trading.

Our initial mission at GAPAT was clear: to bring together Forex traders who wanted to win and give them a real opportunity for growth and prosperity. We pledged to educate them, equip them with proven strategies and support them with all the financial and technical resources necessary to gain a competitive edge.

As we progressed along this exciting path, it became apparent , that we needed to go further and share our knowledge with the trading community at large. That’s why we decided to create a comprehensive but straightforward curriculum built for traders by traders!. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to acquire our valuable knowledge and benefit from our experience.

At GAPAT, we believe in the power of education and the importance of sharing knowledge and experience. We openly share our resources and highly-effective strategies that have proven to be successful in a broad range of market conditions. Whether you want to improve your trading skills or explore new opportunities, our guidance will provide you with the essential tools to succeed.


We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to consistent profitability . Discover how GAPAT can elevate your skills and help you reach your full potential as a trader. Explore our innovative curriculum, connect with our community and let us be your trusted partner on your path to success.

Welcome to GAPAT, where knowledge and opportunity merge to make your dreams come true!

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